Welcome to our Wedding Page
Terry has DJed over 400 weddings and only wishes the perfect party for all of his Brides and Grooms.
He takes great pride in his work and has the ability to, not only play a huge variety of music during your
reception, but also help coordinate your reception's order of events.  He is able to assist the wedding
coordinator or take control of all the reception traditions, keeping your reception fun and running
smoothly.  Your guests will not get board and you wont forget to do any of those important memory
keeping wedding moments.
Keeping that in mind, Terry has enough experience in DJing weddings that he has gained the
ability to be selective with the weddings he chooses to do.  
This page will help you decide if California Kid Entertainment is the right DJ company
for your wedding event.
In general, what you are going to find on this page is that we only want to be
selected to be your DJ if your wedding is going to be a relaxed and fun event.  
We love to have fun at all our parties.
If you are having a theme wedding, like a DR. Seuss wedding "I will love you in a box, I will love
you with a fox", call us ASAP!  We would love to be there!
If you are choosing to have a very formal, high stress wedding, we may suggest you find another DJ.
The worst thing a Bride and Groom can do, is take the control of the music away
from the DJ.  A professional DJ is perfect at playing music suited for the crowd.  
Terry has the ability to read his crowds and play music to fit their needs.  While Aunt Mildred is
still there, he will play some oldies to suit her generation.  Then as the older relatives begin to
leave and the younger partying group remains, Terry will change the music to suit their
generation.  Watch the below YouTube video from DJ Brian Redd to understand more.
Fun Weddings
Only Please.
You can take the
sweetest girl in the world
and on her wedding day
she can magically
transform into a scary
creature from another
California Kid Wedding Prices
5 hour service - For reception only = $750
5 hour service -For the wedding ceremony and reception = $750
The additional evening to attend the rehearsal = $200
Additional hours = $75 per hour

Prices can be subject to change (sometimes to your benefit)  - Contract prices are final.
This is Candy's wedding
picture for her Maple Story
character.  CUTE!
Being a DJ, Terry catered
his wedding around his
guests.  There was a
bounce house for the kids,
kid movies, coloring books
and crayons in a side
room.  This was to keep
the kids happy and busy
so the adults could enjoy
the awesome food, full bar
and great music!  It was
raining, so the wedding
was inside the reception
area.  All the guests sat at
their tables while the
wedding happened at the
side.  It was a very fun
wedding and easy for
everyone to enjoy.

We have found that DJing
a wedding without
cocktails can be very
difficult because many
people can be too shy to
dance without a little bit of
liquid courage.